Power your business with a modern phone system, with our UK VOIP platform

Our VOIP System is best explained in three parts

Built to Perform with an independent partner

90% of VOIP companies are reselling someone else’s product; At Dara IT we're not just another reseller, we waited to find the best solution for our clients and we have it. This is a 100% bespoke system and was developed over 2 years with a company that has been operating since 2006 in the telecoms industry.

Powerful yet affordable

Everyone can benefit from a rich range of features ranging from detailed inbound call flows right down to familiar device features, whilst keeping the costs straight forward and easy to plan for.

A system that scales as you grow

Whether you have thousands of users or are a one man band, you can grow with our bespoke phone system. Worried about the cost of cap-ex costs of new phones? There are monthly payment options too.

Features of our VOIP phone system

Simple Pricing

Straight-forward per user pricing and competitive call rates ensure that you  can easily understand your true costs.

Hot Desking

Virtually move your phone to another station at any time across multiple offices. Ideal for offices where there are more employees than desks.

Voicemail to email

Voicemails left at your extension arrive in your email so you aren’t searching for messages across devices.

Time of Day Rules

Pre-configure your office hours and holiday times to direct callers to alternate devices, recordings, or voicemail boxes.


Build custom inbound call flows by dragging and dropping a wide range of inbound call features to create your desired path for a call to your business.

Call Recording

Set up inbound and outbound call recording at the touch of a button for each user on the system to control call quality or for audit purposes.


A single page view of all the most important elements of your account. Fully configurable access to Numbers, Users, Devices, Groups, Call Logs, Voicemails and Feature Codes.

Ring groups

Create groups of users which can be called as part of a call plan. Simply drag and drop users or devices and choose whether you’d like them to be called all at once or in order.

100% UK Based Service

The Hosted VOIP platform runs on a cluster of redundant servers across multiple UK data centres built to the highest specification and all staff are also based in the UK.


Enjoy a platform that provides resilience like no other, with zero down time in the last 12 months. For business critical service, there is no substitute.

Mobile Diverts

Temporarily or permanently divert calls to any mobile number outside of your system at any time.

Disaster Failover

Power outage? Snowed in? Internet down? Calls are automatically diverted to alternative devices.

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