From the simple to the complex, we provide IT services for businesses.

We work with clients large and small, helping them to achieve their goals. With good system design and planning you can have a cost effective yet reliable IT system.

Powerful yet invisible

Whether you have a large head office with locations around the world, or are a growing business. You need an IT system that is reliable, available and scalable.

Grow your business safely

Focus on doing what you do best, we will focus on protecting your business as you grow in the years to come.

Global availability

We have delivered IT solutions to clients around the world. Modern tools allow us to assist our clients where ever they may be.

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    “Dara IT are a super company. They really helped us overcome our digital problems. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them..”
    Steve Gray
    Managing Director - Sow Easy
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    “DARA IT have always been very helpful and professional in handling any of the issues we faced as a remote working team. The service they provide has been invaluable to BLAST Foundation, because of the type of environment in which we work (In Prisons) so our technology has to be working in the first order.”
    Ralph Findlay
    CEO — Blast Foundation
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    “We had some long outstanding problems with Outlook and general computer set-up in our office, which Breffni sorted out quickly and efficiently, and at a reasonable price.”
    Chris Denza
    Managing Director — Willowside Consultants

IT Support For Business

We work with you to understand your exact needs. Whether you need all IT functions handled or just a small part of your network, our service is tailored to you. From holiday cover to 100% support. We remove the stress of technology for you.

IT Support

Expert System Designers

Servers, to storage, to networking. We can build a design that will meet your needs and deliver the performance you expect would from modern IT systems and have it installed, by us, in line with best industry standards

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Cloud Computing Team

"The Cloud" is a nebulous term and has lead to misunderstandings about what to expect from it. How much does it cost? Is your data safe and accessible? How do you choose the right provider? Our expert team can guide you through the process of choosing the right cloud solution for you and your business.

Cloud Computing

Backup & Recovery

The purpose of a backup is not just to make sure your data is protected, in the event of a disaster. The other purpose is getting the business running again as quickly as possible. When was the last time the backup system was tested? Find out today if your backup system will protect your vital assets and restore them to working order.

Protecting your data

Supplier Choice & Purchasing

We help you choose the right solution, from the best supplier that can meet your needs. Our experts are always researching the latest products from vendors so that we can advise our clients. Always remember who you are getting advice from, is it from a trusted partner who is paid by you to deliver a service or is it a reseller who is guiding you towards a higher margin sale.

Find your new trusted advisor

Cyber Security Services

There is no question that the past five years have been a wake up for businesses of all sizes. Small organisations are most at risk from a security threat. Real world security is not about buying the right product or enforcing strict policies. It is a layered approach encompassing all aspects of the business without getting in the way of productivity.

Protect your business from threats

IT Systems Health Check

Are you getting the most from your IT systems? Our team can investigate your network and deliver a health check for your systems. With measurable data you and your IT team can make better decisions. To avoid any conflict of interest. We encourage our clients to sign a "No-Service" agreement. This means that Dara IT may not provide any services to the client apart from those outlined in the specific audit ensuring a trusted report.

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Software Licensing and Compliance

As a business grows, eventually it is subject to a software license audit by a vendor. Most software license terms authorise the vendor to inspect your premises, install tools on the network and request documentation from you. At Dara IT we can help you stay compliant when it comes to software licensing so that the process is stress free. We deal with the auditors on your behalf and if you go through an audit with us, we can help you remedy any short-falls in licensing.

Software License Experts

Training For IT Professionals

There are many high quality courses for specific products and certifications available. Yet for IT professionals it is impossible to create a course to develop all the skills required, which is why we offer bespoke training for individuals and groups.

Training for IT

Open Source Software Solutions

Open Source software is used by businesses all over the world. Although the software is considered "free", the cost of using it incorrectly could be very high. Open Source tools are used by the largest enterprises in the world including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM and 78% of businesses around the world. Find out how you can benefit from them.

Open source

Office 365 Email & Communication

Email is at the heart of your communications with clients. How can you ensure that you are not only receiving emails but also keeping emails to clients out of the spam box? Email is a commodity and there are many services out there which provide it to you. Choosing the wrong service can lead to a breakdown in communication with your clients.

Office 365 Experts

VoIP Phone Systems

Along with email. A reliable phone system is essential for businesses. The right VoIP system can save you money as well as give you more features for less. Do you remember the days when you had to pay an engineer £100 to add an extension to your phone system or follow a convoluted set of instructions to forward your calls for the day? Those days are long gone.

Learn more about our VoIP System

Why choose IT services from Dara IT for your business?


Many consultancies and IT companies you speak with, are reseller focused. This means they enter into partnerships with vendors & technology brands to promote and supply their product.Where this becomes a problem is when you are looking for advice or guidance on the right technology for your business. The reseller is at times motivated to pitch you a more expensive or complex solution so as to make a greater margin.

We are an experienced team with knowledge on a wide range of technical disciplines. You are in safe hands as we are constantly testing and researching new software packages, hardware platforms and methods to help businesses achieve their goals without providing a solution they do not need.