Security is not a product you can buy

You can hire others to implement security. You can purchase tools to maintain it but if you don't embrace the concept, it has no value to your business.

Three key services for you to consider

Audit & Report

We can give you the true data to not only show where the security issues are but we can also help your team to be more effective.

Prevent & Repair

Prevention measures are setup to ensure the bad guys stay out, if a breach should occur we can minimise the disruption to your business.

Complete Protection 

According to the National CyberSecurity Alliance, Over 50% of cyber attacks today target small businesses. We can make sure any attack on you is not successful.

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Security affects us all.

If the election hack was prevented, would the result have been changed? Here is how it happened and how it could have been stopped

"How the presidential elections got hacked"

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