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We can provide a fully managed IT support service, complement your exsisting IT team or remain on stand-by for holiday or emergency cover.

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Supporting our clients

Our expertise in the following systems: Windows systems (server and desktop), Linux servers, Apple Mac desktops, SNMP devices (such as printers and firewalls), mobile phones, networking infrastructure and cloud based systems.

Regular maintenance

Your software programs are patched and kept up to date by our engineers. Firmware updates are essential to ensure your hardware is secure. When was the last time your firewall was updated?

Security is a top priority

With full encryption of data at rest and in transit.  Two factor authentication for all logins where we can, randomly generated alphanumeric symbol passwords and they are unique per client, per device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • "What do you use for remote support?"

    Our choice of remote support tool is TeamViewer. This allows us to support the multi operating systems seamlessly including mobile devices.

  • "How do I contact support?"

    Via our support portal:

    With live chat, email and phone you can contact our team in the way that works best for you. We don't employ receptionists for our team meaning you are in direct contact with the engineers who will be solving the issue for you.

  • "What about security? Is my system safe?"

    The remote access password is unique per device and randomly assigned by our system. We disable the randomly generated password and prevent users from altering settings. Only our TeamViewer logins are authorised to connect to your system as we use white-listing. We use two-factor authentication for our logins with geographic and IP restrictions.

  • "What access do technicians have to my system?"

    Access logs are kept if a technician views any details for a client and we give minimal permissions. Access is reviewed constantly.

  • "Are you compliant with data protection?"

    Dara IT is registered with the ICO and you can find our active registration here:

    We are already re-working our structures to prepare for the upcoming EU GPRD legislation in May 2018. 

  • "What pricing model do you use?"

    We have an A la Carte pricing model. Some items are fixed per month but many of our services are tailored to what you need from us. Every business has unique needs and we accommodate a number of scenarios.


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