Car adverts and internet providers have one thing in common.

Car adverts and internet providers have one thing in common.
Car adverts and internet providers have one thing in common.

The open road dream

Remember those empty roads in car adverts? Even in busy cities or motorways, if you buy this car, you will get freedom.

The reality for most people is this:


No matter how fast the car is or what the price is, traffic on the motorway means you get to travel the same speed as everyone else.

What does this have to do with internet providers?

If you look at the marketing for internet options, They promise "super-fast" speeds but what you don't see is an invisible motorway that everyone in your local area is sharing:


Often you might be sharing the same internet service between dozens or hundreds of addresses at any one time depending on the area you are in.

Have you noticed at different times of the day the internet is fast and sometimes slow? Often this is because the service you are paying for is shared between multiple homes or businesses in the area. This can be a really good thing because the price of internet is shared between multiple businesses.

The trade-off for many businesses is that they are happy to have a slower shared connection and reliabiltiy issues in exchange for a lower cost.

If you want to solve this, the only option is to spend more for a dedicated "leased line" rather than a shared connection.

If you want a faster and more reliable connection, you need to pay more.

To give you an idea on ballpark budget. If you are paying between £10-70 per month on an internet connection, even if it is called a "business" line, chances are it is a shared service.

You get a leased line service from your home/business to the Exchange and no one else would be sharing the internet traffic with you. The ballpark cost for this could be between £150 - £1200 per month.

The price goes up or down depending on:

  • Location, telephone exchange available, providers in the region.
  • How fast do you need it to be?
  • How many users in your business?
  • Do you need to link multiple offices together?
  • If there is a problem, do you need a fixed time for a fix?

Don't forget UK Gov has many voucher schemes to help get businesses connected with high performance internet

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