Protect your business with a backup solution

We offer a number of options to keep your data safe from cyber-attacks, malware, accidental mistakes and hardware failure.

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Data Loss And Downtime Costs

"In the UK, £10.5 billion was squandered. Data loss is up by 400 percent since 2012 while, surprisingly, 78 percent of UK organisations are still not fully confident in their ability to recover after a disruption."

EMC Global Data Protection Index

  • EndPoint 


    EndPoint Protection for

    A robust and entry level solution for businesses who need their data protected.

    500GB of Storage with Amazon S3 Ireland per device, fixed fees per month. Start with 1 device or 100.

  • Managed
    Cloud Backup


    Managed Cloud Backup

    Leveraging our data protection platform. You only pay for the storage you use per month, you have unlimited devices as part of this service.

    Intended for business networks, servers where you want a fully managed IT team protecting your data.

  • Full Disaster
    Recovery Service


    Full Disaster
    Recovery Service

    Turnkey all-in-one design and subscription-based offering simplifies business continuity and disaster recovery.  Simple yet powerful appliance on site and cloud based storage.

    If data loss is not an option and fast recovery times are key. Ask us about this service.

Multiple ISO certified UK data centres

With our managed services. Your data is stored inside ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified facilities for Harrogate, Reading, Cambridge, London and Chelmsford.

No surprise price jumps

Your pricing remains fixed for as long as you maintain the subscription. The service is designed to scale as your business grows and there are flexible contract options.

Monitoring and Alerting

We monitor the devices and ensure that the data is being backed up properly. A backup is only as good as the last time it completed successfully. 

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