Why Dara IT

Technology continues to advance at an all-consuming rate. Businesses can no longer afford to be left behind. We need new approaches and a willingness to embrace change to compete effectively. Dara IT provides a competitive edge to business owners by providing them with the best technology solutions available. Don't get left behind.


What makes Dara IT unique?

Many consultancies and IT companies you speak with, are reseller focused. This means they enter into partnerships with vendors & technology brands to promote and supply their product.Where this becomes a problem is when you are looking for advice or guidance on the right technology for your business. The reseller is at times motivated to pitch you a more expensive or complex solution so as to make a greater margin.

It can be very easy to fall into the trap that complexity is a good thing. Complexity means added costs, higher knowledge requirements and increased risks of failure. So we keep things simple for our clients and lower the annual cost of their IT needs.


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Grow your business safely.

Focus on doing what you do best, we will focus on protecting your business as you grow in the years to come.

Unforseen issues and technical hitches can cause costly delays, avoid the road-blocks and give yourself peace of mind. 

How does Dara IT add value?

We work as your outsourced IT manager with 100% of our motivation on making sure you are satisfied with the quality of the service we deliver.

Save time as we help you choose the best supplier to buy directly from. Use our network of quality suppliers.

An experienced team with knowledge on a wide range of technical disciplines. You are in safe hands.

Constantly testing and researching new software packages, hardware platforms and methods to help businesses achieve their goals

We have a unique approach to IT

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