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  • unique IT
    what makes us unique?

    Many consultancies and IT companies you speak with are reseller focused. This means they enter into partnerships with vendors & technology brands to promote and supply their product.

    Where this becomes a problem is when you are looking for advice or guidance on the right technology for your business. The reseller is at times motivated to pitch you a more expensive or complex solution so as to make a greater margin. Very few companies in the UK will state they are not resellers in the IT industry.

  • Simplicity

    We are all about making things easier, none of us want to make things complexity or difficulty but in technology it can be very easy to fall into the trap that complexity is a good thing. Complexity means added costs, higher knowledge requirements and increased risks of failure. So we keep things simple.

    When we walk you through a project, you’ll deal with the clear facts without layers of buzzwords and technical jargon. 

    doing the right thing.

    Yes we are a commercial company but that does not mean we can’t leave a positive mark on the world. In our dealings both with clients and suppliers we want to go above and beyond expectations. It is vital not to compromise on our values as an IT consultancy. 

    with our clients, suppliers and contractors

    Our success depends entirely on building strong links with our clients and matching them to the right supplier who can fulfill their needs. In addition to our in house team we build links with dedicated professionals who specialise in key areas. 

    beyond the marketing and noise.

    To make the best reccomendations to our clients we are constantly testing and researching new software packages, hardware platforms and methods to help businesses achieve their goals. With a keen understanding of technical and business processes, our clients receive a range of options that can suit their needs at their budget. 

Technology solutions we recommend

local to chalfont st peter

We’re based in chalfont st peter, near a direct train line 25 minutes into London.  Our clients are not just based in England, we have clients all over the world. With 24-7 monitoring tools, automation and new ways of bridging networks together. Dara IT can serve your needs no matter where you are.