IT consultancy with a vendor neutral focus. We deliver results and build a lasting partnership with our clients.

Who, what, why dara it.

  • Who we are

    This company was built on the idea that anything is possible, when technology and people are in sync. This is our core value that we are not just here to fix technology when IT breaks but to match the right technology with each unique situation. The right solution is not the most expensive or complex. How do you find the right solution in all the noise?

  • What we do

    We work for you, as an extension of your team. IT impacts everything today but are you using it as well as you can be? We can give you the true data and answer any questions you have. Before you make a costly technology decision, spend a little on finding out if it is the right investment.

  • Why dara it

    Only quality bespoke services. No off the shelf packages or a set way of doing things. Your business is unique, it needs a tailored approach. We’re not here to replace your IT team, we support and work with them. Every client is dealt with at the same high standard regardless of size.


Bespoke solutions for our clients.

We are one of the few IT companies who are not resellers in the UK.

With a focus on providing expert knowledge and skilled technical services.

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